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The evaluation will take place over the next few months. As a follow up to the Drobo problems, I called support again. They stated it takes a long time to “recalculate and rebuild the volume” if there is a lot of data. This particular Drobo had about 2TB of data in a Drobo with 8 slots consisting of six 2TB and two 3TB drives. forum is the definitive knowledge base for external graphics discussions. Tag Drobo found 1 items. Post Title.

Aug 23, 2016 · I have been using Drobo's successfully over the past 6 years and have had only one major issue that I was able to recover data from using data rescue software with the help of the Drobo people. My 2 Drobo 5D units are getting up in age and I am looking at the best way to replace them. I do have a dedicated backup solution that is in place.
A Drobo forum thread gave good general directions for doing this, but in terms of the motherboard currently highlighted on this Wiki. However, upon looking at the motherboard in my Drobo...
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Jul 17, 2017 · Hello, There is a company called Drobo (, which has an enclosure for internal hard drives, so that they can be inserted and removed (hot swapped), while maintaining a dual redundant backup at all times across the RAID array.
There are far too many stories like this, including a number of past threads on this very forum as well as hundreds around the rest of the net. It's not so much that the Drobo devices might fail, because let's face it just about any device can fail. But Drobo devices do seem
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Registering for Drobo Forums is free and anyone who owns a Drobo can join. Drobo Forums also provides message boards where you can interact with other developers, as well as Drobo engineers. It’s a place to upload and download the latest DroboApp builds and experience other community features.
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Jun 18, 2012 · The Drobo CEO knows that a highly public negative review from someone with the admiration of the photo community such as Kelby has the power to literally turn the lights out for a Drobo. Everyone should do themselves a favor and steer far far away from the Drobo system. Let Drobo die the painful death that it deserves. Â
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  • Drobo, Buffalo, Synology, Netgear, QNap, IOmega, IOSafe, Diskstation, ReadyNAS, let’s collectively call them L-NAS, in an attempt to help our customers make the right choice when buying a NAS device for backup purposes.
  • Jag har en Drobo som bara ligger och samlar damm! Nu tänkte jag sälja den eller skänka bort den Drobo: n är en så kallad 4bay enhet, vilket betyder att det finns plats för upp till 4st hårddiskar på fyra...
  • Jul 15, 2016 · I have a Drobo 5D. I am upgrading the disks. What are the fastest, most reliable disks to use. I use it for storage, backup and video playback. I currently use WD Black, but would NAS or DataCenter disks be better?
  • Sep 08, 2013 · Drobo Forums - General Discussion. General Discussion 11-23-2016 11:26 PM 11-23-2016 05:11 AM 11-23-2016 04:36 AM 11-21-2016 11:37 PM 11-21-2016 12:53 AM 11-21-2016 ...
  • (07-12-2013 19:40) Barnz1 Wrote: I would like to install minim server on my Drobo FS to send UPnP to my Naim Audio network streamer. I no longer understand anything about computer programming in this millennium- the last time I even used UNIX was about 20 years ago.

Sep 15, 2020 · Drobo Dashboard, Free Download by Drobo, Inc. Manage your hard drives and update the firmware of your Drobo devices

pwilson wrote:We know nothing about Drobo products around here. Even if we did you didn't provide a Drobo model number, or a User Manual URL for the Drobo, so we can't easily educate ourselves for your benefit. Drobo products are typically DAS rather than NAS products, so we'll definitely need something to work with if you want help from us.
What I love about drobo What drew me to drobo in the beginning was the fact that it constantly monitors the health of my hard drives. So if one starts going bad, or gets full, my drobo will warn me...Drobo is a line of external storage products, including NAS and SAN appliances. I manage backups for my parents and I in two separate locations. Parents have a Drobo5N.

:: Not provided: python2-pyqt but needed by drobo-utils- !! we could not find a solution !! if you think that there should be one, rerun aurman with the --deep_search flag

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Jan 17, 2018 · Manufacturer: Drobo UK price (as reviewed): £435.99 (inc. VAT) US price (as reviewed): $514.48 (exc. tax) We're fairly used to NAS enclosures coming with rafts of features these days and ...